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It is the goal of PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL to assist  the public with making informed decisions regarding end-of-life issues.  Here we provide links to a variety of resources which we have found to be educational and informative.  We do not endorse specific options, but rather provide this information to enable you to make the best choices for yourself.

Articles for Funeral Consumers

Funeral Industry R.I.P Off  AARP

AARP End of Life Planning

Is the Funeral Industry Preying on the Bereaved?    American Consumer Institute

Funeral Shopping–The Basics    American Consumer Institute  

Shipping or Flying with Cremated Remains

Handling Digital Life After Death

End of Life Washington: "Wonderfile"

GYST "Details": Digital End-Of-Life Documents

En Español

Funerales: Guía para el Consumidor

Proceso de Embalsamar un Cadaver

Cómo leer la Lista General de Precios (GPL)


Order copies of Death Certificates (WA State)

Funeral Industry Regulation

Federal Trade Commission  Info

Filing a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission  

Washington State Funeral & Cemetery Board  

Filing a Complaint with the Washington State Funeral & Cemetery Board